seacon group

The Seacon Group comprises four separate entities, all of which previously had their own independent web sites. As part of an overall restructuring of the way in which the group operated it was decided that there should a single composite web site that encompassed all of the group activities, along with linkage to an external company of which Seacon Group is part owner.

It was important to ensure that navigation was kept as simple as possible in order to ensure that clients, both prospective and existing, were able to navigate easily through different areas of the site, whilst maintaining an easy 'route' back to the group home page and easy 'hops' between different group companies.

Seacon wished to incorporate a Twitter feed to the site, along with links to social networking, but additionally wanted to be able to publish and maintain their own news items. Also, whilst each company operates independently and thus have their own contact forms, a central log is maintained of all online enquiries enabling central management an easy route to monitor and manage activity

As part of the overall redesign of the web site and related identity, TFXWeb also undertook a complete redesign of the web-based reports accessed by clients