Developing a website can be quite an intimidating process, but our 'hold your hand' policy aims to make it as painless as it can be; whenever possible we'll avoid talking 'techno jargon' (if we can't avoid it, we'll explain what it means!) and provide a friendly, relaxed service.

There are numerous constraints that have to be considered when designing a website, and particular care must be taken to ensure that the 'content' of your site does not make it perform poorly - when this happens, potential customers may get bored and simply look elsewhere. Stunning graphics, filled with 'high resolution' detail may look wonderful on a designer's computer monitor, but they will cause a website to perform slowly; equally, poorly designed site 'architecture' can make it difficult for your customers to find what they're looking for - it's important that navigation around your site is both intuitive and accurate.

When we first talk to a client we review their requirements and expectations. Depending on the complexity of their requirement we may prepare an initial analysis for review, followed by a full proposal. Once our proposal is accepted draft concepts are prepared for discussion, refinement and final approval. Once a design concept is approved work commences on the site's build. We liaise closely with the client during all stages of the design & build process, ensuring that the end result meets with their expectations.


When conducting a review, it's not only important to understand and appreciate what the client is expecting from their web site, but also to gain an understanding of the client's business and the way it operates as this may influence both the design and architecture of a web site. Our client reviews have often enabled us to identify potential aspects of a site that a client has not previously considered.


Depending on the complexity of a client's desired solution we may initially prepare an initial analysis that outlines all of the requirements identified during the review process. This analysis is essentially a discussion document enabling the client and ourselves to be confident that the overall requirement is clearly defined, with amendments made as and where necessary. A full proposal and quotation is prepared, following acceptance of which the build process commences.


Initial design concepts are prepared and submitted to the client for approval. Following approval of a specific design, construction of the web site, and any related 'back end' functionality, commences. During the build process We liaise with the client to clarify any elements of the site that may not have been immediately apparent during the initial design and analysis phases. Feedback is sought from the client during this stage and any modifications necessary are taken into account. 

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