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Our  client base covers a broad spectrum of business sectors including:

landscape design | construction industry | recruitment | travel | real estate | leisure | car sales | tourism | entertainment | food | social care


Frontier are one of the world's leading gap year travel companies. TFXWeb have worked extensively with Frontier over the last five years, not only with development of various international sites but also in providing, enhancing and maintaining an extensive 'back end' management system that allows them to manage all of their projects, volunteers, travel arrangements and a multitude of other administative tasks. Integration with three separate payment gateways enables Frontier to provide their clients with a variety of payment options. We recently implemented a comprehensive recruitment module, enabling Frontier to effectively advertise and manage employment opportunities around the world.


Open Mic is "the biggest search for unsigned acts in the UK". Recent dissatisfaction with their incumbent web provider led Future Music to appoint TFXWeb to undertake a complete rebuild of their web site, at the same time developing a more user-friendly, proactive back-end for administration of competition entrants and related administrative activities.

Future Music were particularly keen to ensure that the site was extremely 'social network' friendly, as well as providing them with an extensive ability to update content on the web site from their own office. We were also tasked with ensuring that the site was fully 'mobile friendly' and to implement payment processing across all platforms.

Following successful completion of the Open Mic web site, Future Music appointed us to design and build web sites for their sister competitions - Teenstar and Future Music Songwriting.


RIP produce a number of touring productions including nationwide tours of acclaimed magicians and comedians, an immersive stage show showcasing the way in which special effects are produced for Hollywood Blockbusters and an international touring production parodying the smash hit TV series Game of Thrones.


Live Effects provide pyrotechnics from the smallest of indoor shows to full outdoor pyrotechnic spectaculars! TFXWeb created a web site based around the client's design layouts, specifically designed to showcase the types of service that can be provided and especially providing them with a comprehensive gallery of images.


StarsInMyEyes.TV is the largest UK-based entertainment opportunities web site. TFXWeb were appointed to design and build the public-facing web site as well as comprehensive 'back-end' functionality to enable members and agents to manage profiles and advertisements. The site is fully integrated for credit card payments, along with extensive social networking abilities.


Joe Rowntree is a stand-up comedian, actor, writer and presenter, with a television career that includes writing 'put-downs' for Anne Robinson on "The Weakest Link" as well as appearing in all six series of Sky 1's 'Brainiac: Science Abuse" and numerous other TV appearances. Joe appointed TFXWeb to create his original portfolio web site and recently came back to us to create two new web sites to cover his monthly comedy nights and a new 'character' he has created, Morgan Berry Pet Bereavement Counsellor!  All three sites were built to Joe's exacting design requirements intended to thoroughly reflect the personality of his characters. Joe also requires us to create regular posters to advertise Gutrocking Comedy Clubs.

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